BREAKING: Kamala Harris WORST Nightmare – Nation Stunned

Vice President Kamala Harris’s worst nightmare is coming true as her own Democrat cohorts are losing faith in her ability to do her job. Democrats have fought for Harris, but her consistent failure has given Democrats little to work with.

Harris has been under fire for the past week, and Republicans are smelling blood in the water. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is the latest to jump in on Harris and her job performance.

Senator Blackburn said, “I think she [Harris] is afraid to go to the border because what is she going to do? Is she going to welcome those that are illegally coming, or is she going to say, this is our problem, we have made this mess. Our communities want their communities back. Our ranchers want their ranches back. People want to see this border secure.”

It is true that Vice President Harris is caught between a rock and a hard place. She has no options to solve the border crisis as anything she does will anger the radical wing of the Democrat Party.

Vice President Harris went as far as to tell migrants not to make the trip to the southern border. That simple and reasonable statement landed Harris in hot water, and she had to quickly walk her statement back.

Harris knows she has no options that she can use to tackle the crisis. Without a viable strategy, there is no way Harris will expose herself by going to the border. Harris is watching her political career go down in flames all thanks to the open borders radicals in the Democrat Party.

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5 Responses

  1. Kamala failed? Impeach her! Good riddance to bad rubbish. Then impeach Biden. The pair together are four times more useless than either alone.

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  3. A vice-president she’s not – just a lip wagging derelict living off of the American taxpayer !!! What is her list of accomplishment – better than that – a listing of her lack of any accomplishment for the American people !!! Nothing else needs to be said – get rid of her !!!

  4. When asked why she hasn’t been to the border, she said she’s also never been to Europe! If that’s supposed to be an intelligent answer, we need a MUCH smarter vice president.

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