BREAKING: Kamala Harris Won’t Even Say His Name – Stunning Update…

Vice President Kamala Harris recently hosted a roundtable conversation with some faith leaders on January 6.

During the meeting, she refused to refer to God. While hosting faith leaders. That shows you exactly where her agenda is.

The reason for getting all of these faith leaders in one area was for Harris to explain to them that people should have the right to murder unborn babies.

The right of a mother to kill her child should be “unfettered” by the government and the courts, Harris explained.

“The threat to all of these principles and priorities is very clear and imminent,” Harris said.

“I would like to talk with these faith leaders about the impending decision from the United States Supreme Court that we believe will undo the very principles and premise of the importance of the privacy, the right that Roe v. Wade stands for. That conversation, of course, in my mind, is a conversation that requires us to also discuss whether we value the concept of self-determination — the ability of an individual to make decisions about their own life and the future of their life and the choices that will directly impact so many other choices.”

She then complained to the faith leaders that the repealing of Roe v. Wade meant the end of gay marriage in America was coming soon.

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