BREAKING: Kamala Harris Won’t Do It – She’s Out

A full 49 days–seven weeks–after President Joe Biden put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the border, she has failed to have even so much as a press conference about the situation, let alone go visit the border for herself.

Biden’s reversal of the successful policies of former President Donald Trump has led to a huge spike in illegal immigrant border crossings, which Biden is not trying to prevent.

He is also not trying to keep illegal immigrants out of the country after they cross the border, but has released most of them into the country where they will likely disappear into the interior and ICE will never find them again.

Twenty Republican governors sent a letter to Biden about the situation, saying the surge is “too big to ignore and is now spilling over the border states into all of our states.”

In March, 172,000 illegal migrants crossed the border, and numbers are expected to rise over the summer months.

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10 Responses

  1. Let’s remove Kamala Harris from the Vice Presidency and replace her with someone willing to address the problem at the border. How can someone, so unpopular in California and placed a dead last in the presidential race be put in a position that she has no business being in. She is a complete failure in her work in California, but loved by the idiotic libs, an anti-police and border patrol advocate. Dump her as quickly as possible, NOW!

    I’ll be happy to help Biden get the reins on the situation!!!!!

    1. Well said Bill….but Biden also needs to go. Trump had the border situation
      under control!

      1. Carol, let’s say we replace Biden and Harris, then Pelosi steps in we’d be in bigger trouble then!

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  3. Thats because crazy, traitor Joe is not running the show. Therefore, they could care less what he wants.

    1. You remember Susan Weiss from Obama’s administration oh, but she’s the one calling the shots but you invited she’s the shadow president. Well it doesn’t matter no more if we do it’s going to change in the way the Antichrist is coming on this thing’s the Rapture is going to happen and everything’s going to whatever in the world’s going to end as we know it in 2028

  4. It is time to bring anyone in the administration who is complicit with this up on charges of treason against the nation, and dereliction of their oath and duty to protect the American people from an invasion by foreign enemies.

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