BREAKING: Kamala Harris SLASHED By Democrat Party – Details Coming In…

Vice President Kamala Harris’s low polling numbers and stunning unpopularity appear to be affecting her ability to fundraise for the Democrat party ahead of the midterms.

While the price for a photo with Harris at the Women’s Leadership Forum fundraiser in May was $15,000, at the rescheduled fall event (because the May ticket sales were low) it will only be $5,000.

That’s a 67% discount, and it means a lot less cash in Democrats’ pockets to spend trying to stay in power in Congress.

It’s certain that Hollywood will step up and give huge sums of money to Democrats as they always do, but it’s going to take everything the Democrats can drum up just to keep their heads above water this election season.

Most people don’t even think Democrats can hold on to majorities no matter what they do, to be honest.

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