BREAKING: Kamala Harris Sent Into Hiding – White House Covering Up…

Vice President Harris has been sent into hiding by President Biden, and the White House is hiding the findings of Harris’s “root causes” report on immigration.

The decision by the White House to completely hide the findings of Harris’s report raises some serious questions. The findings clearly must have failed to uphold the Biden administration’s narrative and, as such, must be kept from the public.

The White House attempted to distract from this situation by issuing a statement saying, “We’re not seeking to end migration as part of the fabric of this region. What we’re seeking to change the ways in which people migrate, to provide an alternative to the criminal smuggling and trafficking rings, and to give people access to opportunity and protection [in the United States] through safe legal channels.”

Vice President Harris has chosen to ignore her job of fixing the situation at the southern border and instead has gone on a crusade to tackle the factors driving immigration.

While that mission on its own has merit, Harris’s choices have meant that the southern border has gone completely unfixed.

Vice President Harris abandoned her job on the southern border, and now she has nothing to show for it. It would not be surprising to see the Biden administration continue to hide the Vice President until this mess blows over.

Read the full story here.

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  3. Kamala Harris and Joe Joe Biden temporarily changed places: – Now, in the bunker where Biden was hidden, Harris was sent, so she will leave the bunker already the president.

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