BREAKING: Kamala Harris Secret EXPOSED – She Isn’t….

Catholic League President Bill Donohue wrote in an essay that Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) has a “Catholic problem.”

Donohue highlighted the fact that Harris’s moral positions will make it extremely difficult for her to win over Catholic voters for Joe Biden in November.

Donohue wrote, “In 2018, she sought to stop a Trump nominee for a seat on the federal bench simply because he was Catholic. In doing so, she invoked a religious test for the bench, a patently unconstitutional act.”

If a Republican had tried to stop a Muslim nominee simply because he was Muslim, his career would be over and he would be thrown out of the public sphere.

Donohue continued saying, “Harris was effectively treating membership in a distinctly Catholic organization as if it were allegiance to a hate group.”

Harris has many radical positions that will alienate many religious voters of all faiths. Her rabidly pro-choice stances and treatment of pro-life groups will ensure that Biden will lose the Catholic vote.

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