BREAKING: Kamala Harris REVERSES – Says She Isn’t Going To…

Vice President Kamala Harris used President Joe Biden’s virtual “Summit for Democracy” to label the January 6 Capitol breach and election security as threats to democracy in America.

January 6 looms large in our collective conscience,” she said.

She also faulted growing “misinformation” as another threat. “Misinformation is undermining public confidence,” she said.

“The anti-voter laws that many states have passed are part of an intentional effort to exclude Americans from participating in our democracy,” she added, and said the executive branch would work to change the new rules, which are mostly in Republican states.

In other words, Harris thinks Republicans are a threat to democracy. As usual, she’s got it exactly backwards.

Read the full story here.

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9 Responses

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  4. Who are these people? To think the way they do suggests they have absolutely no common sense and no logic whatsoever. These morons think they are fit to run an entire government, well it’s plain to see that if they were tasked to find their butts in broad daylight with both hands they would fail, big time.

  5. Kamala doesn’t have a brain in her head! It was the communist democrats that stole the 2020 election! President Trump won and the votes were stolen from 80 million Americans! No one in their right mind would vote for a senile old pedophile that is brain dead and poops in his pants at the Vatican and a California whore that doesn’t have a brain. Their dumb motto “ Build back better” has only destroyed America!

    1. What democrats say, aren’t what they practice. Lying by democrats is standard mode of operation for the democrats. They say anything in order to manipulate naive voters.

  6. Everything the dems say the Republicans are doing wrong are the very things the dems are doing. They are masters at deflecting things away from themselves and putting it on someone else when it is them that are doing all of it. They are liars, deceitful and hypocritical.

  7. Harris is stupider than dirt. First of all the people that she wants to be able to vote are “illegals” and she fights against The requirement for voter IDs. She’s so concerned about the January 6 but she was little if no concerns and actually supports the lawlessness, looting, destroying and burning down businesses and, anarchy, violence against innocent Americans and police officers, the murders of innocent Americans and police officers including innocent children being killed in Democratically controlled cities and states throughout the nation by BLM and Antifa. She clearly condones all of their violence and law breaking and doesn’t hesitate to admit it. She’s done nothing since she’s been VP except stuffing her pockets full of the American taxpayer’s money and betray the US and the American people consistently.

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