BREAKING: Kamala Harris NAILED – She’s Finished

If you thought President Joe Biden made a mistake appointing Kamala Harris to handle the surge of illegal immigrants at the border because she’s falling down on the job, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich asks you to consider that the whole thing was part of Democrats’ plan.

Gingrich said on Fox&Friends Monday that Biden and his administration wanted Harris in charge of the border “because they knew she wouldn’t do anything.”

“This is not a mistake, this is why they refuse to call it a crisis,” he added. “They want the border to be open. Go back and look at the presidential primary debates. They are all in favor of open borders. They are all in favor of eliminating ICE. They are all in favor of eliminating any threat to sanctuary cities.”

The whole idea was to get as many people into the country illegally as possible to force amnesty and make millions of new Democrat voters, Gingrich alleged.

“Of course, it’s working,” he concluded. “What if your goal was to have the maximum number of illegal people in the United States? How would you do better than Biden?”

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5 Responses

    1. Absolutely Americans need to wake up and research what’re the principles of communism.This is what has been slowly entering our country but now it’s at full blast.

  1. Either American’s really hate themselves, because no one could be this bold face ignorant to not know what’s been going on all this time. This is the continuation of Obama’s anti-America. You know, (Soros”s b##ch). Every bit of it is criminal and treasonous as hell, all of it.

  2. The Dems will get them in by hook or crook and I choose crook. They are a bunch of liars and schemers. They know exactly what they are doing, even if Joe doesn’t.

  3. Folks who keep looking other way & thinks all will settle soon it’s later than you think. Americans have been sold out to the highest bitter Consequences are following— hope you can look yourself in mirror Media should all hang in shame what each one of you did & didn’t do
    So shameful

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