BREAKING: Kamala Harris MISSING – White House Scrambling…

Vice President Kamala Harris is missing in action as she has yet to visit the southern border despite being appointed by President Biden to solve the crisis.

Fox News Contributor Lara Trump went after Harris saying, “Where is Vice President Kamala Harris? She needs to get down to the southern border. It has been two weeks…since she was tapped for this role. What we see happening down there is so egregious, so outrageous, it is bad for America, it is bad for the people that are trying to come over our southern border.”

The Biden administration has been tight-lipped about what Harris is doing and what plans are in place to solve the crisis at the southern border.

Thanks to a friendly mainstream media, the Biden administration hasn’t had to answer for the lack of transparency and communication. This contrasts badly with how the mainstream media handled former President Trump.

Trump continued by offering a suggestion for Harris, saying, “Hey, I have an idea. You know how you prevent people from coming? Make it less desirable. Tell them they will not get into America. Tell them their kids will not get into America.”

The Biden administration has several tools they can use to solve this crisis, yet they refuse to use any of them. Harris would rather hide away from the media and the public than actually do her job.

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24 Responses

  1. Doing nothing about the disaster at our southern border that Bumbling Buffoon Biden caused IS the Soros/Obama/Biden plan! It’s all about votes to keep the lying, cheating, corrupt, unethical, immoral, hypocritical DemocRATs in power and line their pockets!!

  2. Cackling commie-la is such a disaster as is this whole FAKE administration! Things are only going to get worse. Just imagine if all of this energy was used for the GOOD of America.

    1. She’s spending all her time and our money to renovate the VP house.Getting it ready for another nightmare of a VP.

  3. Harris is a fine piece of work (said with much sarcasm). She thinks this vp position is a cushy job and she doesn’t have to do the dirty work. Big shock for you kamala, you’ve got to get your hands dirty and do your job. The whole democratic, and some republicans, part of government, is a joke and poor choices for us. I hope all that voted for them are pleased with their decision. I hope people wake up.

  4. There is no real rationale or plan to what Biden and the demafiacrats have done on the border (or any other actions they have taken). What they want to do, come hell or highwater, is to undo as many Trump actions as they can, with no regard at all for the consequences.

    We feel that the actions of the government should be to further the welfare of the county. Who of us really believe that is what this gang wants?

  5. For every day this administration does nothing, I give thanks.
    PINO [President In Name Only] doesn’t sign an Exec Order… be thankful.. Declares he is “taking some time off”.. be thankful.
    The administration’s efforts to harm everything good about this Nation are becoming more clear with each day.
    If we are lucky, they “do nothing”… which, btw, they are all skilled at doing.
    The next Blue Campaign Hat will read “Do Nothing”, because it’s the only way they reduce their failures.

  6. I agree that she is afraid to go down there because she has no idea as what to do and how to stop them from coming. The Mexican President was right when he said the boarder problem was caused by Biden and it’s up to him to fix it. The children need to be sent back to their country of origin like the Trump administration did and the wall needs to be finished. We have laws and procedures for immigration and those need to be followed.

  7. Biden/Harris needs to be charged with Treason and serve lots of Jail time!!! They are putting all of it’s citizens/us in Harms way, especially the border States/Cities! Why hasn’t some of the people elected to represent us doing something about it. Our safety should be their paramount goal! Biden and Harris are trying to destroy everyone if us with their Communist goals and compromised ties with our enemy. Please I plea if there is someone with enough sense, love and concern for our Beautiful free Country, stop talking and do something about it!!!!

  8. WOWOWOWOW!! Missing Illegal VP Missing Out Of Action!!
    The First Place To Check Is Guantanamo, Cuba!! After All, She Is A He, And Nobody Likes Him Anyway!!
    There Will Be A Lot More Heading Down There Very Soon, She Might Be Getting A Head Start!!

  9. She acts like she is either on Drugs or booze. What is so f unny all of the time. She acts like an Idiot.

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