BREAKING: Kamala Harris Makes Stunning Hillary Clinton Announcement – They’re Teaming Up To…

Just when things couldn’t get even more terrible in the democratic party, they find new ways to shock us.

If you thought that Kamala asking Hillary clinton for popularity advice last week was absolutely mind-blowing, wait until you hear what Cacklin’ Kamala’s doing now: consulting Wall Street and Silicon Valley CEOs for advice on how to tackle our porous southern border.

Kamala asking Hillary for likeability help should have clued us in: Kamala has NO IDEA who to ask for help in certain situations. Clinton isn’t only not really that likeable, she’s arguably one of the greatest domestic villains that Americans have ever seen.

America doesn’t dislike Hillary Clinton. America HATES Hillary Clinton. Kamala asking Hillary for likeability help just shows how out of touch Kamala really is with the opinions of American people.

Now, she’s bested even herself in the competition of ask the worst possible people for advice.

Seriously, asking Big Tech giants for help making policy? Has she not been listening to America for the past two years? People trust Big Tech about as much as they trust Big Government!

No wonder even Kamala’s staff finds her absolutely intolerable…

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