BREAKING: Kamala Harris Makes Her Move – It’s Already Happening

To the surprise of no one, Vice President Kamala Harris cast a tiebreaking vote in the Senate for a $1.9 trillion coronavirus spending package despite major concerns.

Following Harris’s tie-breaking vote, the bill is set to be sent back to the House where Democrats hold solid control and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will likely pass the spending bill.

One of the biggest issues in the spending package is a $15 an hour minimum wage hike that threatens to cripple small businesses even further.

The minimum wage hike would likely kill millions of jobs, which is ironic considering the trillion-dollar package is meant to make things better for Americans struggling to get on their feet after the pandemic destroyed the economy.

Republicans did succeed in delaying the minimum wage hike until “after the pandemic,” but for small businesses, the hike is right around the corner.

Smaller states will be hit the hardest by such a huge minimum wage hike, tailored to states like California and New York. When Americans lose their jobs by the millions, they’ll know who is responsible.

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