BREAKING: Kamala Harris LEAVING – White House Issues Statement…

Vice President Kamala Harris is leaving the White House for Eastern Europe on a mission to reassure our NATO allies that the United States will stand by them.

Vice President Harris is set to visit Poland and Romania, both of which border Ukraine.

The Vice President will be leaving on March 9th and will be in Eastern Europe until the 11th of March. Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh explained that “Her visit will demonstrate the strength and unity of the NATO Alliance and U.S. support for NATO’s eastern flank allies in the face of Russian aggression.”

The Biden administration is getting a lot of mileage out of Vice President Harris as this will be her second trip to Europe in a matter of weeks.

While the trip officially is meant to reassure our allies of our commitments to them, the real intentions of the Biden administration are to attempt to project some kind of power against Vladimir Putin.

President Biden has been virtually invisible as Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine and surrounded the Capitol of Kyiv. Sending out the Vice President is the Biden administration’s desperate attempt to broadcast some sort of influence as the war rages on.

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