BREAKING: Kamala Harris Learns She’s OUT – Bye, Bye!

Vice President Kamala Harris seems to have run out of luck as many mainstream Democrats seem to believe she has no future once her time as Vice President is over.

CNN political commentator Van Jones lamented that President Biden has no true successor in the Democrat Party during a Friday interview on “Erin Burnett OutFront.”

Van Jones said, “Joe Biden is a beloved human being, but he’s also up in years, so there is a fear. Hey, listen, don’t forget, when Obama went into office, he looked like a young Tiger Woods. In the beginning, he left looking like Morgan Freeman. I mean, that job will tear you up. That is a tough job. So the idea of can this guy do the full eight years, that’s the question. I think some people aren’t confident. At the same time, there is no heir apparent. There is no likely successor.”

Vice President Harris has done nothing to show Democrats that she can win in 2024 should President Biden choose to step down. Her performance as Vice President has been so abysmal that the Biden administration has been forced to hide her for months at a time.

Van Jones pointed out the Vice President’s weaknesses saying, “Kamala Harris, her numbers are not as strong, his numbers are not as strong, nobody’s numbers are as strong, so a free for all in the last year of his presidency now feels like a lose-lose.”

If a Republican wins the 2024 presidential election, it’s unlikely many Democrats are going to miss Vice President Harris and her cringe-worthy gaffes.

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