BREAKING: Kamala Harris Learns Devastating Truth – She’s Finished

Vice President Kamala Harris just learned the devastating truth. She could be completely finished — she can let go of her dreams of becoming president.

“A Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 likely voters shows that a majority — 51 percent — have a negative impression of Vice President Kamala Harris and 43 percent have a ‘very unfavorable impression’ of her,” reported Breitbart News.

Furthermore, continued Breitbart’s report, “41 percent of likely U.S. voters see Harris as ‘not at all qualified’ to take over the responsibilities of the presidency.”

This is terrible news for Harris. In spite of running hard against Biden in the primaries — she even said that she believed the woman who accused Biden of sexual harassment — she later kissed the ring.

Clearly, Harris wants to become president and she is hoping that Biden is her ticket. However, based upon these polling numbers, a slim majority of Americans think otherwise.

One can imagine that this sentiment will only get stronger. Harris is a political lightweight who is terrible on the debate stage — all she does is spout off left-wing talking points. People see that now.

Read the full story here.

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4 Responses

  1. The only thing she does is laugh & “use her mouth” which are not qualifications for a US VP. She’s a communist hellbent on destroying the US & we all know it. She can’t even decide what breed she is……or wants to be. She needs a DNA test to convince herself so she’ll stop switching races every few months.

    1. Amen can’t stand her laughing all the time when asked a question. What she has done which is nothing at our southern border is a sin. If she wants communism she can go to Russia or any where else that hold communist ideals, we don’t want or need her here

      1. its called Kuru Disease from cannilbilism (Adrenochrome), their rituals ,drink human blood

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