BREAKING: Kamala Harris Is OUT – No Longer Is The…

Vice President Kamala Harris is a hypocrite, and she revealed that with her recent comments about pollution, coincidentally on the same day the “People’s Convoy” was rolling through America.

“Harris criticized the levels of pollution caused by heavy trucks on the same day a group of patriotic truckers circled Washington, DC,” reports Breitbart.

“Pollution from heavy-duty trucks and buses has made the air poisonous to breathe and this pollution is also, of course, accelerating the climate crises,” Harris said. “Threatening the future not just of our communities, but of the entire world.”

Really, Mrs. Vice President? Truckers are threatening the future of our world? I think you have that confused with something else.

“During her speech, Harris told the story of a California community she visited when she was the attorney general, blaming heavy freight trucks and public buses for the majority of the pollution hurting the community,” reports Breitbart.

“She also shared her dream to get rid of all diesel powered trucks and buses and replace them with electric powered vehicles,” according to Breitbart.

“Imagine a future: The freight trucks that deliver bread and milk to our grocery store shelves and the buses that take children to school and parents to work…. Imagine that they produced zero emissions,” Harris said.

Hard eye-roll on this one.

To read the full story and see more of Harris’s asinine comments, click here.

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