BREAKING: Kamala Harris Is OUT – GOP Shocker Stuns Administration

Vice President Kamala Harris is out. A high-ranking GOP senator has stunned the administration — Harris has been publicly exposed.

Appearing on Fox News, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) said that putting Harris in charge of fixing the border crisis is “like putting a Lance Armstrong in charge … of our drug programs.”

He noted that in contrast to what is happening now, with “President Biden is allowing in anywhere from 3,000 to 4,000 people a day,” it was entirely different under the Trump administration.

Kennedy said: “We secured the border. We did the safe third country agreements. We built the wall. We established the remain-in-Mexico program.”

Now, it has all been undone. To make matters worse, Biden has given Harris the responsibility of fixing the problem. Kennedy said that while Harris is “a lovely person,” this is a bad idea.

Simply put, she has no sense when it comes to the border. Like Biden, she supports open borders and therefore cannot possibly “fix” this crisis — she doesn’t even think we’re in one.

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35 Responses

  1. Why doesn’t some Government LEADER do something to get rid of these Democrat parasites. They are going to destroy the country. Wake up America!

      1. I agree also. There is ways of going after them for treason….especially Biden. A president was sworn in with the oath of protecting our borders and he isn’t.So many laws have been broken…… sad……

        1. Supposed to uphold the constitution, defend and protect the people from enemies foreign and domestic. Uphold the laws and protect the innocent. Killing babies at will and leaving people hungry and homeless while paying millions to house foreigners and giving millions to our enemies! I don’t think that’s what their OATH OF OFFICE meant!


      1. Sadly NOTHING WILL BE DONE – they r Dems & once they get done rigging the election laws they will have TOTAL CONTROL OF EVERYTHING!

    1. You are so right. The President and Vice President have NO idea what they are doing to this country. I truly hope that All American’s drain the swamp so we can live i peace !!!

    2. Thanks John, what an GREATstatement as legal american citizens can all relate to in them destroying good old AMERICA!

    3. If you are looking for any government LEADER, we have to look for one who is a dedicated Christian who knows his Bible. Harris and Biden are NOT Christian-Israelites qualified to lead a God-ordained Christian/Israelite nation. Biden is on record as guaranteeing ‘peace and safety’ for the country if elected: 1 Thess. 5:3 warns: “When they shall say ‘peace and safety, SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, and they shall not escape”. Hang on folks for awhile, we seem to be going through that ‘sudden destruction’ phase. Maybe the prophesied ‘pandemic’ will help clean up the mess; after all, God promises HIS PEOPLE WILL END UP SURVIVING ALL THIS, so do not be too afraid of His apparent ‘pandemic’ as it could be just part of a process of cleansing and separating sheep from goats.

    4. I can’t believe Kennedy referred to Harris as a lovely person. She slept her way into her position, she advocates for the brutal slaughter of newborn babies and she wants to allow potentially violent, dangerous people flood into our country knowing that they will vote Democrat. She is heartless and has no soul. She is anything BUT lovely.

    5. I thought we elected people who would stand up for what is right and make sure the laws and constitution were obeyed. Seems they just talk and do nothing! How can we get more people like Trump that loves America and will fight like h..l for it and for what is right!

    1. Boy do I agree!! Whoever was responsible for the Biden/ Harris ticket should be convicted of treason for knowingly putting an old senile man and a failed ignorant racist and an immoral person to be president of our wonderful country and to protect our citizens. Biden Harris are the laughing stock of the world and must be impeached or recalled and their handler charged with treason before they completely destroy this country which I believe is their goal. Watching Biden stumble up stairs and Harris giggle at very serious issues is a shame and disgrace to every American ! Do we have any great men or women with enough guts to remove these two traitors from office and charge them and their handlers with treason?????

  2. The result of a fraudulent election.
    I blame the coward Mike Pence for not rejecting the phony electoral college vote as was his constitutional right and responsibility to do.

    1. Everyone knows it was fraudulent, but you think the Republicans have “balls” enough to DO ANYTHING about it! The Democrats are clever, know how to lie and deceive and we “know” they do! Trump is the only one who would have held them accountable—the rest of the Republicans are a cowardly sort.

  3. I don’t understand why these Congressmen & Senators don’t take the bull by the horn & go against this insurrection at the border. They represent we the people & we have every right to defend our country. Enough is enough, Biden & his cronies are taking down our country, something has got to be done NOW.

  4. I am surprised at what happened with Pence!!! He HAD TO KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON WITH THE ELECTION!!!!!!!!!!
    he let Republicans down ! He obviously wasn’t able to fight for the right wing! I know President Trump was and still is!!!

  5. How far and how much do Americans have to take from a completely selfish government??? They are destroying our already weakened country. This is NOT what our country is about. The pipeline and now the border??? Next????

  6. I only hope the people who voted for the Democrats wake up before they destroy all of us.

  7. the most dangerous people are those who do not see any danger. these childrn are not animals but the usa is treating them worse than zoo animals…..risking our health the citizens of this country that pay taxes and have worked hard to build this nation. the ho does not think the situation is a crisis or a danger. good thinking and laughing on her part, but i would hate to tell her she is dead wrong and the fallout will be a disaster for all including the children demand that families that want to come to this country do it legally and the right way not as illegals stealing across the border and risking lives and sanctity of the body.

  8. I really feel for parents who have to watch their kids grow up in this mess. And “mess” doesn’t come close to what is really happening. The Dems are ripping this wonderful Country apart. I grew up feeling so safe, no locked doors, didn’t worry about being hijacked driving to a store… OUR FREEDOM HAS BEEN STOLEN

  9. Thank God I am not crazy. I have read all the comments and I completely agree. Something must be done for our country before we don’t have a country. I always believed our government is supposed to protect us and not try to destroy our country. But now I don’t see how it is protecting us. I hope they will open their eyes and do their job.

  10. I agree with all of the descent that I am reading and there is a lot of it. My question is when is the revolution going to begin? When are all of the dissenters going to take action to take our country back?

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