BREAKING: Kamala Harris Is OUT – Democrats Stunned

Vice President Kamala Harris recently made an appearance in New Hampshire to promote the Biden administration’s infrastructure plan, where angry protestors greeted her.

The protestors wanted Harris out of New Hampshire and wanted her to do her job and visit the southern border. Harris was appointed by President Joe Biden to fix the immigration crisis and has yet to do anything to fulfill that objective.

One protestor held a sign saying, “Hey Kamala / Stop the illegal invasion / Go visit Mexico.” Harris has made several visits to places like Baltimore and North Carolina while completely ignoring the border.

Harris must have misheard President Biden when he asked her in March to tackle the border problem. Harris has spent all her energy promoting Biden’s legislation while thousands of illegal immigrants rush the border.

Harris has been an abysmal failure as Vice President, and Joe Biden must be regretting his decision to pick her as his running mate.

From bizarre laughing to failing to do her job, Harris is damaging the Biden administration. The border crisis has singlehandedly derailed the Biden administration, and Harris’s decision to ignore the situation will come back to Democrats in 2022.

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17 Responses

  1. Harris should be impeached she does not care about the southern border the longer she stays away the more will get across we need to get the Democrats out the sooner the better

  2. Biden’s whole administration is a Monkey show, including him
    He’s worried about how many hamburgers we eat, really! They all need to go and fast.

    1. Me, too, ellan! I want one of those shirts that says, ‘Don’t blame me! I voted for Trump’! lol Meanwhile, let’s hope our country can survive these two! After all the ‘mess’ he’s made in 4months, just imagine what he can do in two YEARS!! My mind can’t ‘wrap around’ what could happen in 4 YEARS!! I keep praying for Divine Intervention because only God can help us now!! God bless America and hold her close to His heart!

  3. She is doing everything remotely possible to cast a bad light on Biden and cutting her own throat in the process,, She is about to get he short end of the stick and get impeached for failing to do her job

  4. Harris can’t screw her way through, the boarder crisis, so she don’t have a clue on how to fix it, Biden is a joke, he’s a clown in the swap circus, never vote for that trash

  5. Now the people who voted for her and that CLOWN ADMINISTRATION are seeing the truth, did you ever think for one min that they were ever going do do any thing for the AMERICAN PEOPLE???, There in it fore they own greed and to fill there pockets with money from the CCP COMMONEST hell BIDEN HAS BEEN RECIVEN MONEY FROM THEY FOR YEARS,and he wants to make AMERICA A DEMOCRACY COMMONEST COUNTRY, ALONG WITH THE MAJORITY OF THE DEMOCRATIC THAT ARE IN OFFICE, THEY ARE ALL TRADERS TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH.

  6. Don’t think for a moment that Biden ‘picked’ Harris as a running mate! She was ‘picked’ FOR him by the Liberal Left because they thought that–once ‘old man’ Biden was ‘done’, they could run HER around as they do him!! They knew, if they put her up as a candidate for president, she’d never get elected. So, they put her on Biden’s ‘coat-tails’ and got her in that way!! Biden is so far ‘gone’, they could have put a monkey in and he’d never have known the difference!! She, on the other hand, already considers herself as ‘president’ and gives little heed to what ‘he’ says! She does as she pleases. The ‘Left’ thought that as a ‘woman’ and a ‘woman of color’, once ‘in’, she’d be a ‘wild success’ with the minorities!! Well, she’s messed up so many times with her little stories, no one believes her–including the minorities. By the time elections roll around again, (should we survive this ‘dog and pony’ show) they’ll NEED Dominion, to get her to win!!

  7. People keep calling this administration a clown show or a joke. I hate to say this, but I don’t see anything FUNNY. It is a freak show and a horror show in my opinion.

  8. Despicable what is becoming of our country. Biden is hunkered down in his basement. While Harris is visiting N.Carolina visiting an Black American cupcake shop taking home several cupcakes. America is going to $hit.
    illegals are rushing to the borders. We in SD CA are getting bus loads. Some of them housed in our Convention center. Our Homeless were housed but they were made to leave. All events have been canceled due to Covid. but we can have the Illegals there! UGH!

  9. Kamala Harris has no political experience, she is the incompetent politician with the ART OF BED, her term is’ let’s go to bed” won over Willie Brown ( the first black mayor in San Francisco). Certainly, Kamala Harris can not hand over the border crisis and other international issues. Unfortunately, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the henchmen of China’s Communist Party, they have applied the Maoist in America. The basis tactics are government’s robbery, beaten capitalist and impoverishment (the high taxes)
    Hoa Minh Truong
    (editor of the

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