BREAKING: Kamala Harris Is LEAVING – Biden Left Behind…

Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg will travel together to North Carolina to promote President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill, signed on November 15.

Harris and Buttigieg will appear in Charlotte and Harris will deliver remarks there.

The two have been widely discussed as replacements for President Joe Biden, whenever it is that he leaves office.

Harris’s staffers have complained about the rumors about Buttigieg running for president, and for his part Buttigieg has tried to deflect the speculation.

“I sincerely don’t know if I’m ever going to run for office again,” he said. “You should only run if there’s a moment that you think the only way or the best way to respond is to step forward.”

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  4. WOW the first non-scammer response to the article….I feel sooo empowered..
    up the butt and kammi–2 more worthless dem/libs for potus…bootlickers of pelosi and chuckie…

    1. That’s because he thinks he is going to be a dictator and it’s time all of the citizens of the United States of America need to come together and March on Washington DC and demand that President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris be impeached immediately and removed from office immediately and tried for treason and other crimes against the United States of America!! They must be prosecuted and sent to prison for all their crimes and corruption they have committed. And they must lose their lifetime pensions and benefits forever!!! Also we need to demand the all the elected personnel including Nancy Pelosi,Chuck Schumer and Nadler and SCHIFF and DRAIN THE SWAMP Completely and Eliminate all their lifetime pensions and benefits Period!!!

  5. BUILD BACK BROKE, the infrastructure bill is amnisty for illegals along with taxpayers money!!!! America needs to remove the treason and traitors holding and committing crimes that are impeachable!!!! And you can’t lock down the country every election because or so you can toss fraudulent ballots!!! Let’s go Brandon and FJB!

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