BREAKING: Kamala Harris Goes Missing – America Shocked

Vice President Kamala Harris has been missing at the U.S. southern border for 61 days. It was March 24 when President Joe Biden put her in charge of the border, but she has not jumped into the role with much gusto.

Instead, she has spent her time narrowing her role to dealing with “root causes” of the current immigration surge, which she defined to mean climate change among other things, for some odd reason.

Meanwhile, the situation at the border isn’t getting any better, and up to two million illegal immigrants are expected to cross the border illegally in 2021.

“ICE has released over 29,000 illegal immigrants into American communities since Biden took office,” Ronna McDaniel tweeted Sunday. “That is in addition to the 61,000 illegal immigrants caught and released by CBP. Biden’s agenda= open borders.”

Harris hasn’t spoken to media about the border in a press conference or visited the border since she was named border czar, and she doesn’t have any plans to do so.

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10 Responses

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  5. If she was given the job to go to the border and hasn’t, she should be fired. If I was given a job and didn’t do it I sure would be.

  6. The d/ck suckling b!tch only knows how to get higher up on the totem pole in order to do less & lesser. Someone ought to see if she is on food stamps cause if see is that would be the reason why she is not working. This is not that people on food stamps do not look for work I’m just saying a 1/4th of the people just sit on their @$$es just like kamela [email protected]$$. I’m sure her wussy is not that good, just look who was in it!! Lord we still have 3¹/² years of this crap by the time 2024 rolls around United States of America will be hand over to communists China and all that will be left in America is illegal aliens from South America, Cuba and of course China but it wouldn’t surprise me that Afghanistan will be included.

  7. Street walking , LIBERAL spew eating , Harris , has been missing since Jan. 20th !!! This $lut won’t go to the border , after comparing the border patrol officers to the KKK !!! She knows the border is a DISASTER and SNAKE Harris wants no part of it .

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