BREAKING: Kamala Harris Goes Missing – America In Disbelief

Vice President Kamala Harris has now gone 70 days without having a press conference or visiting the border since President Joe Biden put her in charge of it, and CNN couldn’t help but try to cover for her on Tuesday by accusing Republicans of taking advantage of “confusion” about her role.

“Republicans kind of seized on that confusion, and they made it seem as though Vice President Harris was going to be the new border czar, that she was going to be responsible and be the envoy to the border, be responsible essentially for all of the problems that arise there,” CNN’s Natasha Bertrand reported on “New Day.”

She said Harris’s “role was always going to be focusing on these Northern Triangle countries and the root causes of this, and [her team] saw her being linked to the border as a potentially political perilous assignment and task.”

“This is NOT what leadership looks like,” House Republicans said in reaction to the story that Harris was trying to distance herself from the border.

Meanwhile, illegal immigrants continue to pour across the border by the thousands every day while Harris dissembles and avoids responsibility.

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  4. KaMaLa is a horrible VP (IN NAME ONLY) and to think she is a heartbeat away (or 25th amendment) from becoming your
    PINO (president in name only). What’s worst is the lame stream media is defending her incompetence. Good luck America!

  5. V.P. Harris needs to be completely missing from our government for the rest of her life. Harris is not worth a damn in our government and she never will be.

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