BREAKING: Kamala Harris GIVES UP – She’s Can’t Do It

Vice President Kamala Harris has completely given up. She just can’t seem to do it and Americans have lost all faith in her ability to lead.

“Harris was appointed as President Biden’s manager of the [border] crisis last month but has yet to hold a news conference regarding her duties after 27 days in the position,” reported Fox News.

Does this surprise anyone? Biden only “appointed” her to draw political fire from himself. This is a ceremonial position without any real substance behind it. It is about optics only.

Harris has gone 27 days without a news conference about the border crisis for one reason: she isn’t doing anything. She knows nothing about it other than she fully supports open borders.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, of course, has attempted to run interference for both Biden and Harris, refusing to even call the chaos and danger at the southern border a crisis.

Instead, she has referred to it as a “challenge” — but people are seeing right through the charade. Americans know that this isn’t normal. It is a consequence of overturning President Trump’s policies.

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9 Responses

  1. Well. You can’t solve the boarder crisis with the “Horizontal Mambo”. Ah leadership, where art thou?

  2. This is what happens when you put people like them in charge. We all know that Joe is ill and should be removed, and Harris knows nothing about leading anything.

  3. This woman is the most useless creature America ever gave the keys to. She is as dumb as a doornail, and as useless as a cancerous growth. She needs to be replaced by a democrat with half a mind. I sure will be glad when 2022 gets here and especially when 2024 gets here as well. We are losing our country because of the democrats inability to legislate maturely, and intelligently. God, grant us patience til then. If we still have a country.

    1. She’s an idiot, Biden at least at some point in his career was able to convey his thoughts coherently. Which were for the most part wrong. He can’t even do that now. She on the other hand acts as though she is dumber than a box of rocks. She only got the appointment due to her skin color. She did a poor job in her home state. What in the world made anyone believe, she would excel at this job? She is VP, the president tasked her with handling the crisis. How is she even able to refuse to do it? Also because of her skin color? There is racism in our country on both sides of the issue. White people suffer racism too! Nobody living today had anything to do with slavery, and are not and should not be held to account for it.

  4. LOL you are just figuring out she has no leadership capability. Hilarious also that anyone thought that Harris would accomplish anything at the border except find new ways to lie about the chaos.

  5. Amazingly, lots of talk but no, absolutely no action. She and he, for that matter, haven’t got a clue as to what they are doing. All they seem to do is unravel every good thing President Trump did or accomplished. 22 get here quickly and 24 be not too slow in the march toward removal of these two installed not elected.

  6. i am going to guess jerry brown is not involved…….this is a woman that does not want a taint of shame or disturbance pinned to her. she already has the reputation of paying fees for terriorists of antifa and blm so why would she go to the crisis in the south. she made it and now we hide and hope it goes away. useless yes she sure is useless and she wants senile biden to give up and she step in…….if under a time limit she may be able to finish this presidency and renew her presidency twice…….so lets hope senile biden lasts two years. she sure can laugh funny she is guarding her reputation.

  7. she is as worthless as the current President — they robbed this country so they could be in charge and have proven their worthlessness– too damn bad we cant RECALL THE GARBAGE

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