BREAKING: Kamala Harris Gives Up – She Can’t Do It

Vice President Kamala Harris has completely given up. She just can’t seem to do it and Americans have lost all faith in her ability to lead.

“Harris was appointed as President Biden’s manager of the [border] crisis last month but has yet to hold a news conference regarding her duties after 27 days in the position,” reported Fox News.

Does this surprise anyone? Biden only “appointed” her to draw political fire from himself. This is a ceremonial position without any real substance behind it. It is about optics only.

Harris has gone 27 days without a news conference about the border crisis for one reason: she isn’t doing anything. She knows nothing about it other than she fully supports open borders.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, of course, has attempted to run interference for both Biden and Harris, refusing to even call the chaos and danger at the southern border a crisis.

Instead, she has referred to it as a “challenge” — but people are seeing right through the charade. Americans know that this isn’t normal. It is a consequence of overturning President Trump’s policies.

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11 Responses

  1. Biden and Harris are not going to do anything about the boarders. Biden invited them and they are coming!

  2. Put Texas governor in charge of the border I bet he knows what to do and the governor of Florida will help, those are two men that can handle what the president and Vice President can’t

    1. I am proud to live in FL where we have a Gov. Who stands up for us and protects us from the idiots in the WH. We MUST take control of the House and Senate in ’22.

      1. Faith,
        That needs done long before 2022.
        We need to force the courts to do their job – to take on the voting fraud and put the rightful winners back in office. Nothing short of that is acceptable

  3. Biden should invite them to his house in Delaware he can feed them there and give them shelter at his house with his own money!

  4. Jen, aren’t you getting tired of having to lie every day for Biden and Harris” stupidity? When are you going to say enough is enough. Didn’t your parents teach you not to lie? It’s only going to get worse, so if I were you I would get out as fast as I could. They WILL THROW YOU UNDER THE BUS EVENTUALLY.

  5. It is also a consequence of stealing this election…..she and Biden do not deserve to have any peace at all as they sit in the throne room while they are jesters.

  6. Kamala Harris is a total incompetent. She was incompetent as the Attorney General of California, incompetent as a US Senator, and incompetent as a Presidential candidate. She could well end up as the most incompetent ever in the United States. It would be an extremely bad day for America!

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