BREAKING: Kamala Harris Gets NAILED – Secret Exposed

Democrat Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris may be the key to victory for President Trump and the Republican party in November.

Representative Steven Palazzo (R-MS) that because Kamala Harris is “a thousand times worse than Obama,” she may scare moderates to the Republican party.

Harris is aggressively and openly radical about her leftism. Because of Joe Biden’s age and cognitive decline, voters realize that she is likely going to replace Joe Biden at some point assuming they win the election.

Representative Palazzo continued saying, “They might not vote for Trump, but at least they’re not going to vote for Biden-Harris. The better Trump does, the better we’re all going to do — especially in these districts where Democrats that won congressional seats, Trump won the congressional district.”

Harris and the rise of the radical left might not just undermine Biden/Harris but also the Democrats who are running in districts Trump won in 2016.

This election year has been exceptionally violent as radical rioters and activists run amok. Normal Americans may be getting sick of the radical left and will flock to Republicans.

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