BREAKING: Kamala Harris Gets Devastating News – It’s Finished…

Vice President Kamala Harris has gotten some seriously bad news as her flailing has caused Democrats to lose faith in her ability to do her job.

Things are so bad for Vice President Harris that even CNN anchor Abby Phillip said that Harris’s conduct during her trip to South America was “cringeworthy.”

Vice President Harris’s antics incited the wrath of Republicans, but that was an expected outcome. What was unexpected was Democrats joining Republicans in criticizing the Vice President and her disastrous trip.

Phillip said on Sunday’s showing of “Inside Politics” that, “It’s just a little cringeworthy, and I know that her allies in the White House and elsewhere are watching it and just kind of wondering what is going on? How poorly did this go for her in her first foray on the world stage?”

Phillip should expect an angry call from her bosses at CNN for such an accurate take. This was Vice President Harris’s first foreign trip, and she completely blew it and left President Biden with a mess to clean up.

Vice President Harris’s performance in the Democrat primaries was a disaster, and Democrat voters overwhelmingly rejected her. President Biden knew what he was getting with Harris and went ahead with his pick. Democrats are certainly looking back and wondering what possibly could have led Biden to believe that choosing Harris as his running mate was a good idea.

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