BREAKING: Kamala Harris Gets CAUGHT – Democrats Are Stunned

President Donald Trump called out Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) for being a “bad version” of two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

President Trump said, “She’s a bad version of Hillary. She’s a person that will say whatever is necessary and in the end in [sic] gets her in trouble.”

Joe Biden’s decision to pick Kamala Harris as his vice president may not end well, or that is what the President thinks.

Trump continued, “I think she changes her policy, she changes her tune, for every race, depending on who she needs. She’s a user and she’s not a talented politician.”

Hillary Clinton undermined her stance with progressives in 2016 with her flip-flopping stances and her inauthenticity.

Kamala Harris risks doing the same for Joe Biden’s already floundering campaign. Many progressives threw up their hands in defeat when she was chosen as Biden’s Vice President. Democrats may not have learned their lesson from 2016.

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