BREAKING: Kamala Harris Exit Announcement Leaves White House Stunned [Developing]

Vice President Kamala Harris’s top speechwriter, Kate Childs Graham, confirmed on Friday that she would be leaving the White House.

Graham is the latest Harris staffer to jump ship, joining several other individuals who have made very public exits from the Vice President’s employment.

The Vice President’s office is reportedly a very toxic place to work. Multiple leaks revealed that Vice President Harris has allowed a culture of abuse, backstabbing, and general disorganization.

An anonymous insider told the media, “It’s obvious things aren’t in a great place, so I understand the urge to sub in a new team but that misdiagnoses the problem. The problem is there has never been a coherent strategy. It has always been an operation that lurches from one chaotic moment to the next.”

Apparently, little has changed in the Vice President’s office if Graham’s departure is anything to go by.

The few leaks that have gotten out to the public have made it apparent that the Vice President’s internal affairs are as disastrous as her external affairs. Not a good look for an individual that was once seen as one of the Democrat Party’s rising stars.

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