BREAKING: Kamala Harris Dirty Secret Comes Out – She’s Done

Vice President Kamala Harris has been named by Joe Biden to fix the growing illegal immigration surge at America’s southern border.

Obviously to do that, she will have to rely on the good people of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

There’s only one huge problem. She doesn’t think they are good people. In fact, in 2018 Harris compared ICE agents to the Ku Klux Klan.

TO read more about Harris’s disturbing past comments, click here.

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4 Responses

  1. When we have uninvited people coming from other countries into our country America does have the right to decided who comes in . Americans can not drive through to the Canada and say we want to live in this country . We want free health care, free housing, free money, freedom to choose if we want to obey the laws of your country , freedom to bring generations into this country and we want to be made citizens as soon as possible. ?NO!! CANADA says why are coming into our country, how long are you planning on staying, if you stay ,then can you pay your own bills, health care , can you live on the money that you already have (because we are not going to give you any money, free housing, free food, or anything else ) So turn around and go back to where ever you came from because we are not a vacation spot or not Nanny Country !!!!

  2. I guess Joe forgot to tell Harris where the southern border is.
    She went northeast to Connecticut.
    It won’t matter if she goes there she has very bad eyesight.
    She won’t see a problem other than the border patrol can’t solve the problem only due to their restraints placed on them by Biden.
    He still thinks it’s not a big deal if it were he would have gone because we all know he can handle anything.

  3. I heard on the radio yesterday that she is not doing this job……I don’t think she was capable. Not sure anyone in this administration is capable. She is now going to be talking to the countries involved and sending American dollars to help them so illegals don’t come…..basically is what they were saying on the news. Biden owns this catastrophe and he has no idea how to stop the surge or how to fix it. He just wanted to undo anything Trump had done.

  4. Put a red nose on Biden and Harris and you would have the greatest clown show in history. It is sad what this country is coming to. We had a president and now we don’t. I still believe Obama is behind much of Biden’s actions. I guess time will tell on that.

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