BREAKING: Kamala Harris Criminal Bombshell – Her Secret Is Out

Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds pointed out on Monday that Vice President Kamala Harris and the Biden administration have put border policies in place that are allowing cartels to make billions of dollars human trafficking kids and others across the border.

“The answers aren’t down there in Guatemala,” Donalds said, referencing Harris’s trip to Guatemala this week, “because the cartel is actively recruiting. They’re making about $5 billion this year trafficking people across our southern border. And so you don’t have to go down to Guatemala to know what’s actually going on. What’s going on is the administration’s weak policies allow the cartels to make billions of dollars. It’s that simple.”

“It starts with this president and it starts with our vice president,” he said. “They need to reverse their policies immediately.”

It is unconscionable that the administration would keep a policy in place that would lead to tens or hundreds of thousands of trafficked people coming illegally into the country, and feeding billions of dollars to criminal cartels on top of it.

Biden and Harris need to be held accountable for this failure in the strongest possible terms for their “weak” and downright damaging policies.

Read the full story here.

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  8. This is the kind of people Bidden and Harris invited in our country with open arms. Killers, drug dealers kidnappers, theirs.human traffic curtail. All brought in by the Democrats.

  9. President Biden and VP Kamala Harris are a clear and present danger to America and the American people. GOD SAVE AMERICA.

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