BREAKING: Kamala Harris Calls It Quits – Reverses Course On…

The airplane carrying Vice President Kamala Harris to Guatemala to meet with leaders there about immigration had to reverse course mid-flight and go back to Andrews Air Force Base because of a technical problem with the landing gear.

When the plane landed, Harris told reporters, ““I’m good. I’m good. We all said a little prayer but we’re good.”

She then headed back to Guatemala on another plane.

Unfortunately, she is only going to blame the massive spike in immigration on “root causes” like poverty, crime, and extreme weather.

Nothing of any substance will be done to stop illegal immigration, and Harris will do anything she can to save face no matter how it affects the actual issue of illegal immigrants streaming over the border.

Read the full story here.


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  5. Streetwalking , inbred , SNAKE Harris KNOWS the southern border is a HUGE disaster ,, that’s why she is staying as far away from there as she can . She is afraid that mess will reflect on her , so she thinks if she just stays away from the border and act like it doesn’t exist , she’ll stay clean !!! That’s your [ NOT MINE ] Vice President !!!

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