BREAKING: Kamala Harris Busted In Massive Money Scandal – Evidence Is Clear

Vice President Kamala Harris said Friday that the administration’s Build Back Better Act won’t have a cost for taxpayers despite the $1.75 trillion price tag and wording in the legislation that would enact tax increases on some middle school households.

“I think it’s important to also stress that it’s not going to cost anything for the American taxpayer,” Harris said.

The Tax Policy Center found that 20 to 30% of middle income households would see their taxes go up under Build Back Better, and families making $885,000 or more would see a dramatic increase.

But Harris didn’t seem to care about that.

“The American people will see costs actually reduced around some of the most essential services that they need to take care of their basic responsibilities, including issues of childcare, and eldercare and also preschool,” she said.

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  4. It’s every ******* day that Democrats are destroying this country with something new! Every day I just shake my head in disbelief what Biden and his administration are doing to this country!

  5. Maybe we should be talking about $50,000 to $80,000 incomes instead of $400,000 to $800,000 incomes. How many households have the $400,000 to $800,000 incomes.

  6. The entities that are in control of AMERICA are practiced at twisting the truth.Lets just hope that there are enough AMERICANS left that can vote these idiots out of power and return AMERICA to AMERICANS.

  7. I so hope the Republicans take back the House and the Senate next year. We can not survive another 2 to 3 years of Biden, Pelosi nor Schumer. I can not understand why people would vote for a person that has cognitive issues. Plus, since the runoff election In Georgia. Biden promised $2,000 to the people of Georgia if the voted Democratically, but after they won Biden said you are only getting $600 because you have already got $1,400. That’s not what he said. He is the biggest liar that has ever j

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