BREAKING: Kamala Harris Busted In Deletion Scandal – Over 10,000 Are MISSING…

Vice President Kamala Harris is known for leading an office full of toxicity and frustration.

It’s probably pretty difficult for the Vice President to find employees after reports of such a terrible work environment.

Harris managed to find someone to fill the position of Press Secretary for the Vice President.

According to various reports, the new Press Secretary, Kristen Allen, deleted over 10,000 tweets prior to accepting the new position.

Sketchy? We think so.

“Social Blade, which tracks activity on social media sites, reveals Allen deleted 10,594 tweets between January 5 and January 11, two months before the White House confirmed Allen had accepted the position. Allen reportedly was not in communication with Harris’s office until February. Allen was hired to replace top spokeswoman Symone Sanders, who left the White House in December, reported Breitbart News.

“Allen has a history of tweeting radical opinions, including pro-vaccine mandate notions, retweeting characters like Nikole Hannah-Jones, founder of the 1619 Project, and far-left reporters,” reports Breitbart News.

“Allen joined Harris’s team to replace Symone Sanders, who left her position as Harris’s top spokeswoman to join MSNBC. Sanders is not the only member of Harris’s team to depart in recent months,” reports Breitbart News.

“More than five staffers have left Harris’s office after being tossed to and from by ‘disorder, bad press, and, at times, internal frictions’ because of Harris’s reported, ‘abusive environment,’ where staffers have been ‘treated like shit,’ and have had a slew of resignations and departures in recent months during political ‘shitshow’ resets,” according to Breitbart News.

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