BREAKING: Kamala Harris Blackmail Scandal – Evidence Is…

Have you noticed the cycle since the beginning of 2020?

Government throws a fit about how deadly corona is, America listens for a couple weeks until we realize it’s just a bit to control us. Then a few weeks later they up the ante on the deadliness of the virus just to keep everyone scared.

Remember when Joe was gracious enough to suggest we might celebrate “independence on this virus” on July fourth?

Psaki recently addressed that, asserting that we’re now “dealing with a very different strain of the virus than we are today.”

Sounds a lot like that two weeks to flatten the curve malarkey, huh?

Their newest plan is for Kamala to threaten citizens that unless EVERYONE gets vaccinated, EVERYONE is going to have to keep wearing masks.

This is very different from everything they said in May, which ordered citizens to pick between masking or vaxxing. Now, Kamala says that’s no longer good enough.

Psaki’s blaming a “different strain of virus.” Those in the know are blaming liberal lies.

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6 Responses

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  4. I am not getting vaccinated. Period! I survived stage four cancer for eleven years and still good. I don’t trust my government because they lie cheat and steal. Period! Not happening

  5. I thought masks were to protect others from you. If you have been vaccinated, why do you have to protect others from you.

    1. Good question. I don’t like wearing a mask, but I definitely don’t like being mandated to be vaccinated. This violates one’s civil rights. I guess next thing coming is they (the Democrats) unlawfully CONTROLLING what people eat.
      Plant based protein. I don’t want plant based protein… I was my steak from a fatted cow. Under the Constitution, one has a CHOICE and FREEDOM to eat what they wish and to be vaccinated as they wish…… MANDATES are nothing but CONTROL and they use the virus to accomplish their goal.

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