BREAKING: Kamala Harris Backs Down – She’s Not Going To Do It

Although she has been in charge of the border situation for the last 41 days, Vice President Kamala Harris has not done a press briefing, press conference, or trip to the border in that entire time.

Biden and other White House officials have continued to defend Harris’s lack of apparent action in regards to the border, saying that her main job is to work on diplomatic relations in the Northern Triangle.

However, it has become obvious that Harris does not want to touch the border because it is likely to cause damage to her political prospects.

The inaction and Biden’s poor choices of policy have caused dramatic spikes in border crossings, including more than 1,600 in Yuma, Arizona alone over the weekend.

Numbers nationwide topped 162,000 in April, just shy of the 172,000 counted in March.

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18 Responses

  1. Well Democrats ran on open borders along with other obnoxious things.
    She is liking the tragedy just fine along with all the other Democrats.

  2. Politicans political ambitions always come in first after they are elected, this is no different. Their promises are only a campange tactic and they only use them to get elected. If we haven’t figured that out in the past 200 years, I guess we get what we deserve.

  3. Damage to her political prospects ? And just what might they be ? She is not legally eligible to hold the office of President or the one she currently holds for that matter . She might be elected dog catcher or maybe bathroom attendant if she boinks the right politician in San Francisco again

  4. She dresses up like a Hooker not a want a be VP. She must have cheated on all her college government tests I bet. Sleeping with all her instructors. Or was she born brain dead?

  5. Kommie-la is an incompetent woman who slept her way to power. If she were to tackle the Border Crisis everyone would find out what a worthless human she truly is.

  6. All of these attacks are on Harris, Biden does not deserve to be president. He got there by cheating, therefore, the right man did not win. President Trump would not have gotten the border in such a termoil.

    1. Harris knows WHY we have a BOARDER PROBLEM. ITS Joe BIDEN’S , HATE FOR Trump! Everything Trump did while in office, Biden overturned. As Biden was overturning, he failed to have a credible replacement plan.

  7. She and Sleepy Joe, created this CRISIS out of spite to Trump and his efforts to control the flow. Their hatred toward Trump is killing America. How in the world are we, with all this covid and their climate agenda, supposed to absorb all these immigrants? There is no logic that points to a better and strong America. Trump was and IS our nations best answer.

  8. And yet he appointed her to run the trillion dollar jobs program. Funny how she couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything about the border crisis. The only thing she is good at is getting herself ahead on her knees !

  9. Uncle Joe and Kamala are both unfit, incompetent, inept and corrupt! And both couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag if their life depended on it! Is real leadership hiding in your office and signing Executive Orders—No it isn’t!! Is being a leader sleeping your way to the top-No it isn’t! Only the idiotic Democrat Party would think these people are qualified or kissing a dikk are the best characteristics for a President or Vice President!

  10. It’s time to make Joe & Kamala
    Responsible for the Border crisis!
    They are Domestic terrorist
    And should be held for Treason
    Under the Constitution. Now!
    They are destroying America .
    Under Article 4 section 4 they are responsible. Which is in conconnection with Article 3 Section 3 which holds them for Treason.
    For not protecting our borders! From Foreign Terrorist and aiding and abeding them. It’s time for American citizen to take up arms to protect our country. Because our government is not!

    1. Edward you are so right! So why is nothing being done about all these lazy politicians? Corruption is out of control.

  11. I think that J.B. made a big mistake by choosing this DINK-BAT for V.P. she dose not want to do anything except getting paid to do nothing. The both of them are Destroying our country by letting all of these ILLEGAL`S come into the US. Now the Tax payers are on the HOOK for the BILL`S. Now is the TIME for us to STAND UP AN FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY..We have two people in there that are IDIOTS, BRAIN DEAD. JESUS SAVE US. AMEN

  12. I vote for arresting joe biden and kamala for treasonous acts against The United States of America. They should also be incarcerated for cheating to win an election. Not to mention impeachment for the aforementioned reasons as well as the many infringements against the constitutional rights of the Americans people. They are the POS to start with. Then follow through with the rest of the Dems. Enough is enough.

  13. Start impeachment hearings now on Biden and Harris for letting all those illegals in our country, those 2 idiots have no right trying to run this country, the only thing they are doing is destroying this country.

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