BREAKING: Kamala Harris Backs Down – She Refuses To…

Vice President Harris continues to set new standards of incompetency and continues to refuse to visit the southern border.

Today marks the 89th day since she was appointed to deal with the border crisis, and she has yet to even visit the area. Vice President Harris has shirked her duties leading some to question why President Biden picked her to be his running mate in the first place.

Vice President Harris’s reasons for not visiting the border are entirely dictated by politics. She is attempting to protect her political future at the cost of letting a nightmarish situation continue to fester.

When President Biden took office in January, border crossing encounters were already spiking at 78,000. Now immigrant encounters have skyrocketed to 178,000 with no signs of the flow stopping.

The only thing that will solve the immigration crisis is the implementation of common-sense immigration protocols. That, of course, would be political suicide for Harris as it would earn her the ire of the radical Democrats.

The situation at the border has gotten so bad that southern states are being overwhelmed. Some Democrats in southern states have turned on the Biden administration, and no doubt the political ramifications will be monumental.

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  4. Because the Left Press will go with her and she doesn’t want the people to know how bad it has gotten since she and Joe Biden got into office!

  5. She only cares about herself. Besides, she and the other people in the Biden Administration are looking for votes from the new swarms of illegals entering our country.

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