BREAKING: Kamala Harris ATTACKED – Democrats Stunned By…

Vice President Kamala Harris was recently attacked over her failure to visit the southern border.

The vicious attack came in the way of a well-timed ad. The ad, which ran as Harris traveled to New Jersey, correctly pointed out the Vice President has failed to go observe the crisis at the border.

Breitbart News reports that the ad, purchased by the Independent Leadership for New Hampshire PAC, stated “Madame Vice President, you’re on the wrong border.”

“Over 2,000 miles away, a humanitarian crisis on the nation’s southern border demands your attention,” said ILNH’s advertisement. “With respect Vice President Harris, you are not needed here,” the ad reads above a photo of a border fence with a large hole in it that states, “You are needed here.”

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4 Responses

  1. Harris is a disgrace to the American populace !!! She’s a loser all the way !!! As Vice-President she isn’t worth a plugged nickel !!! I’ll say it again – SHE’S A DISGRACE TO THE AMERICAN POPULACE – where did they ever come up with her ???

  2. Harris doesn’t belong in DC for sure. She should stop pretending she has any sense at all and go back to where she came from…California, the state of fruits and nuts!!!

  3. She thinks that keeping out of the immigration crisis she is helping herself for her run for the Presidency in 2024. WRONG. It will have the opposite effect. Not that anyone would vote for her anyway.

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