BREAKING: Justin Trudeau On The Run – Top Court Stuns Nation

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s bluff has been called, and it seems he is on the run from convoy protestors despite having the support of the Ontario Superior Court.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Geoffrey Morawetz issued a deadline for protestors to clear the Ambassador Bridge between Canada and the United States, but as of 24 hours after the deadline, the convoy protestors hadn’t budged.

Protestors called Trudeau’s bluff, and he had to resort to invoking emergency powers against all protestors against him.

Trudeau’s decision to invoke emergency powers to crush protestors has revealed him for the cowardly tyrant that many Canadians knew he was.

Now it remains to be seen just how far Trudeau will go in abusing his newfound power to crush his opponents. Many Canadians are in for the long haul and are willing to risk it all to fight Trudeau’s authoritarian rule.

Americans would do well to call Congress and demand a resolution be issued recognizing the legal rights of Canadian protestors who will no doubt find their rights violated in the coming days.

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