BREAKING: Justin Trudeau FINALLY Gets What He Deserves – Look At This…

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been getting flack from both sides in Parliament over his handling of the “Freedom Convoy” protesters, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

The protesters have shut down the border crossing between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, which has impacted auto manufacturing. They are demanding an end to vaccine requirements and other coronavirus restrictions, and several provinces have acquiesced so far.

The left is demanding that Trudeau crack down more on the protesters and do whatever he has to do to shut them down, while the right wants him to give the protesters what they want. So far, Trudeau has condemned them, called them Nazis and racists, and ordered police to take their fuel.

Hecklers have been noisy and disruptive to Parliament. On Tuesday, one lawmaker told them, “Let him answer, he’s not good at it!”

The restrictions being enforced by Trudeau are in direct violation of Canada’s civil rights charter, but Trudeau has refused to answer questions about when they would end.

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