Breaking: Justice Roberts Announcement – Supreme Court Is…

The news is spreading like wildfire nationwide. Chief Justice John Roberts just issued a major announcement — the Supreme Court has weighed in and anti-Trump liberals are stunned.

Without a moment to spare, Chief Justice Roberts has ordered a halt to a lower court ruling that would require President Trump’s accountants to produce his tax returns. The order is temporary as justices deliberate on how to proceed.

If the Supreme Court lifts the order and decides not to get involved in the legal battle between Trump and congressional Democrats, then the lower court ruling will stand. However, another scenario is just as likely.

Justices could take up the case and set up a final showdown at our nation’s highest court. Regardless of how they’d rule in such a case, it will have a tremendous effect on presidential privacy rights going forward.

Democrats, of course, want Trump’s tax returns for purely political reasons — in spite of how they have attempted to couch the issue in their lawsuit. As always, Democrats have tried to weasel their way under the thin veil of legal necessity.

“Without reviewing the requested return materials, the committee cannot ensure that the IRS’s audit process is functioning fairly and effectively” or “understand how provisions of the tax code are implicated by President Trump’s returns,” reads part of their court filing.

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