BREAKING: Judge Says ‘NO’ – Trump Fans Are Smiling

A judge in Colorado has refused to take a man’s gun under a recent “red flag” law in Colorado, the first time this has occurred since the law was passed.

A woman filed a request to confiscate the weapon, claiming that the man had a drinking problem and that he threatened her with the gun.

The judge didn’t give a reason why he denied the request. The county where the request was made has said that it will not honor the law.

The law does allow requests to be turned down, and that’s what the judge decided to do. Four “red flag” requests have been made in Colorado since the law was passed.

It’s a mistake to put decisions like this in the hands of judges, who may or may not be able to tell when someone is lying to get someone in trouble or to get out of trouble.

Read the full story here.


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