BREAKING: Judge REVERSES Decision – Gen. Flynn Shocked

The judge just completely reversed his decision and General Michael Flynn is shocked. Trump’s former national security adviser can’t believe what happened in his case — and now there’s no telling where this could lead.

Judge Emmet Sullivan hasn’t taken to the DOJ’s dismissal of Flynn’s case lightly, and he’s appointed John Gleeson, a former prosecutor and federal judge, to file a brief opposing the motion. But there’s one big problem.

Gleeson once argued that prosecutors have “near-absolute power” to dismiss a case, the opposite of what Judge Sullivan is asking him to do — therefore amounting to a reversal of Gleeson’s previous position. Now that’s interesting.

Back in 2013, Gleeson, who was serving as a U.S. District Court judge at the time, wrote, “The government has absolute discretion to decide not to prosecute.” That is cut and dry, is it not? Yet he’s a hypocrite.

In fact, in a recent op-ed for the Washington Post — an arrangement of simple happenstance, of course — Gleeson is making a “rare exception” in relation to the Flynn case, according to Fox News.

“A court is generally required to grant a prosecutor’s Rule 48(a) motion unless dismissal is ‘clearly contrary to manifest public interest,'” wrote Gleeson. Now, many are wondering if Gleeson is nothing more than a political tool.

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