BREAKING: Judge Jeanine ENDS IT – She Finally Had Enough

Judge Jeanine Pirro just ended it. She finally had enough of the nonsense, and she called it out on national television. Trump supporters are cheering.

On her Fox News show this week, Pirro challenged Pelosi to simply admit the truth — that her “investigation was a partisan political joke” and she “caved” to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“And after all the rushing, what did your dithering gain in your unprecedented refusal to forward the articles of impeachment to the Senate?” asked Pirro rhetorically.

Pirro continued by pointing out that Pelosi gained nothing from her stalling tactic — other than humiliation and stronger support for President Trump.

“Admit it,” said Pirro. “You caved after Mitch McConnell gave you a deadline to either send over the articles of impeachment or simply watch the Senate move forward without them.”

In the end, Pelosi never had a case against Trump. It is why she has zero fight left in her. But she made her political bed after giving in to the demands of the Democratic Party’s far-left base.

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