BREAKING: Judge Drops Huge NOPE On Woke Left – Freedom Wins…

Ontario Superior Court of Justice Judge Alex Pazaratz dropped the hammer on the woke left by rebuking a father seeking custody of his two children by attempting to slander his ex-wife as a “conspiracy theorist” for not wanting their children vaccinated.

The father is seeking to take custody of his two children, a 12-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son, after their mother stopped them from being vaccinated against Covid-19.

Judge Pazaratz issued his judgment on Tuesday saying, “And is “misinformation” even a real word? Or has it become a crass, self-serving tool to pre-empt scrutiny and discredit your opponent? To de-legitimize questions and strategically avoid giving answers. Blanket denials are almost never acceptable in our adversarial system. Each party always has the onus to prove their case and yet “misinformation” has crept into the court lexicon. A childish – but sinister – way of saying “You’re so wrong, I don’t even have to explain why you’re wrong.”

In contrast to the father’s slanderous and irrational arguments, the Judge praised the mother’s case using “evidence focused entirely on the medical and scientific issues.”

Judge Pazaratz went on to say that “This odious trend is rapidly corrupting modern social discourse: Ridicule and stigmatize your opponent as a person, rather than dealing with the ideas they want to talk about. … It seems to be working for politicians. … But is this really something we want to tolerate in a court system where parental conduct and beliefs are irrelevant except as they impact on a parent’s ability to meet the needs of a child?”

Judge Pazaratz’s judgment is a direct rebuttal to the revolting and irrational discourse pushed by the left in relation to vaccines.

Read the full story here.

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