BREAKING: Judge BLOCKED Them – Democrats Are Furious

In the aftermath of widespread angry protests and destructive riots, the ire of those who are upset appears to have shifted in large part to statues of Confederate generals from the Civil War.

One of the statues targeted is that of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia, which Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam had ordered removed from the spot where it was erected about 130 years ago, according to Breitbart.

Putting a crimp in that plan to erase a part of this nation’s history is the fact that a judge has now imposed a ten-day temporary injunction prohibiting any action from being taken with regard to the statue.

At the center of the lawsuit seeking to block the removal of the statue is a claim that the original land deed for the spot where the statue is located included a “guarantee” that the statue be deemed “perpetually sacred to the monumental purpose” as well as “faithfully” guarded and “affectionately” protected from harm.

The statue has already been repeatedly vandalized by protesters and, though the governor may not be permitted to take it down, there’s no telling whether the protesters will simply take matters into their own hands and pull it down themselves.

You can read the whole story right here.

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