BREAKING: Joy Behar Gets Bad News – She’s No Longer…

Joy Behar just received some bad news. The anti-Trump co-host of ‘The View’ never saw this coming — and now she is living with the consequences of her radicalism.

On a recent airing of ‘The View,’ Behar decided to turn Holocaust Memorial Day into an opportunity to spout her anti-Trump views, but an actual Holocaust survivor didn’t let her get away with it.

Behar asked Millie Baran, who appeared on the show with her husband and two daughters, about having “to wait over four years to come into this country” and then compared it to our current border crisis.

While Baran said that she spent “over four and a half years in a displaced persons camp” and, of course, her heart was “aching” to see “children … separated from their parents” now, she did not take Behar’s bait.

The Holocaust survivor said that America is “the best land in the world.” She called it “a land of opportunity, of freedom,” and that it was “worth the wait” to come here.

She even called America “a land of laws” and expressed confidence that “the United States will find a way to accommodate people who want freedom.” It appears Behar can no longer exploit guests to advance her own political agenda.

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