BREAKING: Joy Behar Gets BAD News – She’s DONE

There’s accidentally getting things wrong, and then there’s straight-up lying.

I think we all know which side of that coin Joy Behar recently landed on.

One of The View‘s blabbermouths they call a host actually claimed that Colin Kaepernick was “praying” when he took a knee.

America knew that was a lie from the instant it left Behar’s lips. Any credibility she has ever had is officially gone. It’s over for Behar.

Hopefully she doesn’t lose her job, because how would she then pay all of her hair-dye bills?

Behar’s absurd comments came while complaining about the fact that the Supreme Court just ruled in favor of a Washington high school coach who was unjustly fired for praying on the field after games.

Kaepernick never said that he was praying and instead made it known that he was angry at white people and police.

Throughout the ordeal, Kaepernick rarely discussed how he was adopted and raised by white people.

The whole lot of them are simply bonkers.

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