BREAKING: Josh Hawley Pulls The Trigger – Nike Is Furious

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) just pulled the trigger and Nike is completely furious. The popular shoe brand loves to virtue-signal, so Hawley has challenged them in a huge way. They never saw this coming.

“I challenge every major American corporation making products overseas in #China or elsewhere to pledge that they are #slavefree, that they DO not and WILL not rely on forced, slave labor,” tweeted Hawley this week.

He then followed up with a specific call to Nike, tagging the company on Twitter and asking, “will you pledge you are #slavefree?” Hawley also issued the same challenge to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

Hawley is exposing the hypocrisy of corporations like Nike for creating “progressive brands for US consumers,” yet they “happily outsource labor to Chinese concentration campus.” It is truly unbelievable.

Of course, the NBA is one of the lead purchasers of Nike products for their basketball teams and it is time for Commissioner Silver to stand up for basic human rights in China.

This shouldn’t be about a ‘conservative’ or ‘progressive’ thing — it is about calling out the Chinese Communist Party (CPP) for its rampant abuses. The CCP is committing demographic genocide and using forced labor camps and liberals are silent. Perhaps they are too close to communism these days.

Read the full story here.

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