BREAKING: Josh Hawley Gets Good News – Democrats Furious

The Democrats, and some spineless Republicans, have called for the tar and feathering of Senator Josh Hawley for his participation in a debate about the validity of the election results. They have called for everything from his forced resignation to a removal to even arrest.

But apparently, his home state of Missouri didn’t get the memo on reactionary cancel culture. A recent poll shows that a near majority of Missourians still approve of Hawley’s job as a Senator.

How could that be? Perhaps it’s because the patriots of the heartland are not as persuaded by virtue-signaling group think of the mainstream establishment.

Breitbart reported on the poll:

Forty-six percent of Missourians approve of Hawley’s job as their junior senator, according to a Missouri Scout poll. Forty percent of his constituents disapprove of his job, and 14 percent remain unsure about his job performance.

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