BREAKING: Josh Hawley Exposes Biden Bombshell – Joe Is FURIOUS

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) has exposed a double standard applied against conservatives and is vowing to fight back against President Joe Biden and the left.

Hawley is publishing a book that has been canceled by a Simon & Schuster-associated publishing house, which, at the same time, is publishing a book by Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

Hawley sat down with Fox New’s Sean Hannity on Thursday and said, “This is just a classic, left-wing hypocrisy. What we are seeing here is woke capital. They have an agenda. They want to push their cronies. They want to push their ideological agenda, and they want to silence and punish conservatives.”

Hawley has definitely come under fire as one of President Trump’s strongest supporters following the election who did everything in his power to force an audit of the election in crucial swing states.

Hawley continued saying, “With Hunter Biden, the guy who is under investigation for numerous potential crimes, including money laundering, potentially connected to his father. And yet, the woke media celebrates him with what they are trying to punish conservatives. I’ll just go back to the fact this will only succeed if conservatives agreed to go along with it if we agree to be silenced, and I, for one, I’m not going to be silenced.”

Conservatives will need to embrace Hawley’s philosophy quickly as the attacks will only intensify. Conservatives will also need to remember that they will be judged differently from those on the left, which is the reality of the next four years.

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