BREAKING: John Kerry GUILTY – Evidence Proves He Did It

A restaurant owner said on Fox&Friends Friday that there is hypocrisy over the enforcement of mask rules after his 6-year-old son was scolded for not wearing a mask on a flight.

Slapfish restaurant owner and chef Andrew Gruel called out John Kerry, who was caught on video without a mask on an American Airlines flight.

“The story is just another participant in a jam-packed lineup of hypocrites these days, and at first it seems silly,” Gruel said. “And we kind of laugh about it. But then when you pull away from the layers and you look at this selective outrage and you counterpoint that to the fact that, as I mentioned, people have been removed from planes and then John Kerry just has us in a different kind of glib response to it, like ‘oh, it’s the good old malarkey again.’”

Gruel referred to a tweet he posted about Kerry, noting that thousands of people supported Kerry in the comments and made excuses for him going maskless.

“I find that selective outrage to be really curious, especially if the excuse that he’s really eating. And in many cases, people just made things up and said no, no, his book was a sandwich,” Gruel said.

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6 Responses

  1. The double standard of Democrats wreaks.
    I walked into a local gas station (Valero) with signs on door, wear a mask, and when leaving here comes three young workers, no masks and nothing was said to any of them. We either enforce the stupid rule or take down the signs.

  2. I made up my mind, until I get my second shot, and 11 days after, I will continue to wear my mask. Even though our governor has lifted the mask mandate in Texas, we still need to protect ourselves.

    1. And that is fine if that is what makes you feel safe but do not force others who do not feel a need to wear a mask feel as if they are doing something wrong. You have a right to wear your mask as long as you want….but I have rights also. Let’s be.respectful to one another.

  3. I have to agree!! I walk a Mall everyday and certain vendors don’t wear a mask, but sign on doors say “mask is a must” Where is the Security People, but they have stopped individuals and told them you must have a mask on??? So who is it for them or us???? Sunrise Mall in Harlingen?

  4. John Kerry really isn’t the kind of representative that is needed in the White House because he enjoys being honored for his work when he never does anything but travel around the world and tries to look important. He has been on the “gravy train ” of doing nothing for America. John Kerry might just be interested in helping America if he was not married to a wealthy lady and wasn’t full of himself.

  5. Someone should have walked up to him and slap the living s*** out of him.. then yelled wake up dummy you’re putting people’s lives in danger… well guess it’s all right guess if Joe Biden can let tens of thousands of immigrants into our country without being checked for the virus and putting every American citizens life in danger.. then John Kerry still needs a good slap and wake up call but Joe Biden should be impeached for putting all our lives in danger… it’s hard to believe how stupid they are to allow all these people into our country during a deadly pandemic dementia Alzheimer’s that’s no excuse for this stupidity

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