BREAKING: John Brennan FREAKS OUT – Barr Is Closing In…

With Attorney General Bill Barr’s investigation closing in on John Brennan, he is clearly desperate to distract.

Brennan commented that he had seen no evidence of election interference from Ukraine in 2016.

“There was no evidence that I ever saw that indicated that the Ukrainian government, the Ukrainians, were involved in trying to interfere in the election. It was Russia.”

While that claim is seemingly corroborated by other sources, it is still a question that is far from settled.

It has been shown that officials in the Ukrainian government had planned on Hillary Clinton winning the election and were trying to gain favor with her.

Brennan is far from in the clear, Bill Barr is still coming for him. Ukraine is also far from the clear, there are too many questions needing answers.

Read the full story here.

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